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Have you seen our Christmas Tree?

This year we are taking part in Chester Cathedral’s annual Christmas Tree Festival. The theme this year is sustainability.



Members of the group have designed and made decorations for our tree looking not only at the sustainability theme but also the group’s message.

We have small suitcases labelled with some of the reasons people have to flee their homes and the issues they have to cope with (eg torture, trauma, persecution…) and stars outlining some of the features we would like to see as a welcome for these people














We also have hearts made from recycled life jackets from Greece, baubles with our logo and hands to represent a warm welcome to those who are seeking sanctuary locally.

The story this tree tells is so important right now. If you haven’t seen the tree yet, it (together with many others) will remain in the Cathedral until the 7th January 2024.

We wish a very Happy Christmas to those who celebrate it.  Our wishes for 2024 are that those seeking sanctuary in the city are warmly welcomed and that all work together to provide a sustainable solution for forced migration and a fair and compassionate asylum process.