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How can I help the with situation in Afghanistan?

We have had many enquiries from people wanting to know what they can do to help alleviate the suffering or provide support, regarding the current situation in Afghanistan. We have therefore compiled the following and hope you will find it useful. Additionally Cheshire West and Chester have this press release:


  • The Government have committed to resettling 5000 of those forced to leave Afghanistan in the first year and ‘up to 20,000’ in the ‘long term’. You can add your name to a petition if you think we need more places now, via this link :
  • Under the proposed ‘Nationality and Borders Bill’  Afghans (and those from other nations) seeking sanctuary in the UK who arrive via so-called ‘illegal’ routes rather than ‘official’ routes will be refused the opportunity to claim asylum, housed offshore or in substandard accommodation, or removed to a third country. Sign the Refugee Action petition to demonstrate your opposition to the ‘Anti-Refugee Bill’.
  • Following the ‘Vunerable Persons Settlement Scheme’ whereby families were settled in the UK from Syria, the government had said it would continue to resettle those in need but avoided giving any idea of how many, rather saying the numbers would be ‘kept under review’. Covid has obviously disrupted this scheme but there a reported 200 Afghans (and others from other nations) who have been approved, since March 2020, to come to the UK but do not know what will happen to them now the Afghanistan resettlement programme has started. ‘Refugee Action’ have a petition asking the government to commit to resettlement. This can be found here:
  • ‘Chevening is the UK government’s international awards programme aimed at developing global leaders’. Afghan Chevening Scholars believe their lives are directly threatened by the Taliban and are calling on the UK government to include them in the evacuation and resettlement programme as happens for those who have worked for the UK. They have started a petition here:
  • Write to your MP and encourage them to support the issues that we have mentioned above. ‘Safe Passage’ has provided a template outlining the issues which can be sent by their automated system. Often writing your own message has greater impact and if you need inspiration, this joint letter  written by the ‘Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants’ may help.

Financial Donations

Donating Goods

Charities in the area currently accepting donated goods are:

Further details for SHARE: telephone number 01352 759563 , please phone for opening times                                                                                                                                                                           Address: Warehouse, Mold SHARE, Mold, Old County Library, Raikes Lane, Mold, CH7 6NW

We also have information via our Facebook Page.