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At our latest group meeting (Jan 2021), we had the great fortune to listen to Rosie MacPherson and John Tomlinson from the ‘Stand and Be Counted Theatre’ who had kindly agreed to join us. The theatre was started 10 years ago and aims to enable people with lived experience of seeking sanctuary to both tell their stories and benefit from the process. Although they have no core funding but must apply for funds for every project, they have managed several productions involving those seeking sanctuary and local communities. For further information on their projects follow this link to their website:

Obviously the pandemic has impacted severely on theatrical work but has not stopped this group who have continued on-line and in the year 2020 had 2000 participating in this way. One major on-line success has been the digital game ‘Have Your Passport Ready’ led by ¬† brothers¬†Khaled and Mohammad Aljawad who offer an insight of life as a refugee in the UK.
Please view this 20 minute experience via:
We thank Rosie and John for joining us and look forward to their future productions.