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Welcome to Refugee Week 2020



Over the past few months things have been difficult for everyone. We have all had to follow strict hygiene routines and we have been unable to visit our loved ones. Some have had to self-isolate. Others have not been able to travel to work or indeed travel anywhere; borders are closed to us. We have had to witness the heartbreak of people dying without relatives close.

During this time, we have also reached out to our neighbours across the road or across the country and shown great acts of kindness. We have recognised who our key workers really are and we have thanked them with many acts of kindness.

Imagine what it must be like for those who have lived like this for most of their lives. Even basic hygiene is impossible when you cannot access clean water or health and medical care. Isolation is impossible in overcrowded Refugee Camps. Good nutrition to feed your immune system is hard when you always rely on food handouts. All borders and travel are closed to you, always.

Now Imagine after the pandemic a world that has had time to think, reflect and mourn loved ones; a world that values others and recognises the contribution each person makes to society; a world that can empathise with refugees and asylum seekers.

This year we are recognising and celebrating Refugee Week online. We are inviting you to use your recent experiences and newfound time for reflection, to journey with us and visit our ‘Refugee Week 2020’ posts here on our website. We hope you find the contributions and activities stimulating and that together we can imagine a better future. You may also like to visit our facebook and twitter pages and the facebook page of the National City of Sanctuary.

We may still need to be physically distant but we can be socially close in solidarity