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Refugee Week 2020 : Campaign

As evidenced by the governments recent U-turn on the NHS surcharge for migrant health workers, campaigns do work. This Refugee Week we invite you to consider the campaign below:










We are mobilising behind the call for the Home Office to urgently increase financial support to people seeking sanctuary to keep them safe during the current COVID-19 crisis.

People seeking asylum in the UK are not allowed to work and are forced to rely on support provided under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999. Asylum support rates are currently set at £37.75 per person per week or £5.39 a day to cover essential living needs like food, household products, travel, clothing and communications.

We are therefore encouraging individuals to write to their MPs asking for them to call on the Home Secretary to urgently increase asylum support rates to help people seeking sanctuary to stay safe during the current public health pandemic.

You can e-mail your MP here:

Also, the Refugee Council is calling on the Home Secretary to take further steps to protect all refugees and people seeking asylum during this crisis, including raising asylum support rates, making it possible for people to claim asylum without having to travel, and giving all people seeking asylum accommodation that is suitable for social distancing and self-isolation.

If you would like to sign the letter click below: